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I just returned from a week-long trip back to Belize.  It was wonderful seeing various people from the village and of course, the missionaries we served with for 10 months!  I got very nostalgic driving through the country-side surrounded by God’s beauty.  Even the poor villages we passed were sprinkled with the beauty of God’s creation.

This trip was different in that we stayed off-site from where Randy and I were when we served there.  We stayed at a place called Jaquar Creek and it was absolutely beautiful.  Still no A/C and not too many amenities… but there were screens on the window openings and we all had mosquito nets.  That was claustrophobic and wonderful at the same time.

There were several projects going on during this trip.  There were 11 of us and it was so fun working beside some that I knew well and some I did not know so well.  I feel like I know them pretty well now.  That happens after a week of sharing a sleeping area and a bathroom!  🙂  The added bonus was that my sister was there… and time spent with her is always precious!

The ladies I was working with were tasked with making as many graduation gowns as we could out of material that was purchased.  No pattern, except a gown that we were allowed to tear apart and use as one.  We made 49 gowns!  These will be used by the village near Samuel’s Sanctuary.  We will make graduation caps in the coming weeks and send back when someone else is going.  I need to get permission before I post a picture of the kids that tried the robes on for us.

It was exhausting, rewarding and healing all at the same time.  I’m so thankful God allowed me to be a part of it.

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