We flew back to the States at the end of October because Randy had what we thought to be a TIA on the 29th.  He went to the doctor on the 31st and the doctor said he believed he had a lacunar infarct.  He was put on blood thinners and blood pressure meds and has continued to have sporadic numbness.  We have been praying about what to do about Belize and the team there at Samuel’s Sanctuary has been doing the same.  All five of us came to the conclusion that we do not need to return to Belize because of Randy’s health.

I (Deniece) will be flying back to Belize on the 19th to wrap up some things, say good-bye and bring back some of our personal items.  We do not know what God has for us in the future, but we will continue to obey as He leads.  Thank you for journeying with us and we will keep you posted as time goes by.

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  1. Kay says:

    Thank you for exemplifying obedience to me. May God be with you both in health and where He will take you (or have you stay).

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